Happy 4th, From Gesture.

It’s no surprise that this July 4th may feel a little different from its previous celebrations.

Going and celebrating as if things were the same, would be to ignore the realities of what’s happening inside our nation and the entire world. Though we do understand that this year has had its rough moments and will continue to be a challenging year, we’d like to try and keep one thing steady as we navigate the bumpy road ahead of us… community.

Celebrate Community

As we’ve expressed in the past, Gesture is a brand that promotes happiness and the idea of sharing a more thoughtful culture with those people in your lives with Gestures that express your love, joy, celebration, or even reaching out to show your support for those in difficult times.

While we’re happy to continue this narrative of spreading a more thoughtful culture, we’d also like to ensure that it doesn’t stop there. We want this to help build out a community of unity.

So what does that have to do with July 4th?

Well, it’s simple. This year, while coming out and celebrating in troves of people, may not be the best idea, as well as the unease around the country, we’d like to change how we the people use this day to “celebrate” by applying yourself.

Instead of using the fourth just to celebrate this country, why not use it to reflect on the road we’ve been on to get to where we are as a whole today. Think about your neighbors, friends, family, your community. Use the fourth to celebrate the community of people in this nation. Use today to promote your brothers and sisters to come together in solidarity as a whole for the future and for change.

What You Can Do

So how do you celebrate community? There are a lot of ways people may interpret that, you could literally throw a party, write an FB post or even throw some confetti in the air. But, we were thinking of somethings that might help build a little more connection within your communities.

Reach Out To Your Friends and Family

You’d be surprised what a little communication will do for you and your loved ones. Ask them what they need, or tell them what you need from them. Showing your support can help build bridges for your inner community and create unbreakable bonds.

Listen and Reflect

Take a moment to listen and reflect on what’s going on in your community. How can you enact positive change that will benefit those around you? How have those in your community begun to enact change, how can you support their positive movement?

Send A Gesture

Sometimes words fail, and all we need is a simple Gesture to know youโ€™re there. Surprise someone in your community with a gesture of unity even if itโ€™s as simple as sending someone a bouquet of flowers to lift their spirits in one moment.

How ever you choose to celebrate this July 4th, we hope you are safe, healthy and celebrate with those in your community you hold dear.

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